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Preset Image Templates of Bars & Stripes Style - (More Styles?)
Bars Background Image Preset 1
Bars Background Image Preset 2
Bars Background Image Preset 3
Bars Background Image Preset 4

Text Effects
Shadow 3D text Effect
Transparent Text Effect
Stroke Text Effect
Steroscopic Text Effect
Inset Text Effect
Light Text Effect
Stroke 3D Text Effect
Metal Text Effect
Light in Dark Text Effect
Back Light Text Effect


7 Different Background Image Generators You Can Use

Colorful Background Image Generator
Graphics Background Image Generator
Galaxy Background Image Generator
Changing Light Background Image Generator
Poly Background Image Generator
Dream Background Image Generator
Bars Background Image Generator

How to Create Cool Bars Background Images by the Bars Style

Generate Material Design Background images by special gradient bars and lines, and add your own text onto the cool image.

How to Generate a Bars Style Background in 4 Steps

1. Choose the Image Size

Click on the "Image Size" drop box to choose a preset image size, or customize the image width and height in the two text boxes below the option.

2. Set the Color

Click on the "Color Type" and select "Customized Color" then you can customize colors, or set the "Color Type" as "Random Color" to create random colors of bars onto the image. If you want to insert different gradient colors of bars or lines, you can increase the "Gradient Range" option value.

3. Bar Size, Fat Bar Size & Amplitude

You can change the bar size and fat bar size by "Bar Width", "Bar Height", "Fat Bar Quantity", "Fat Bar Width" and "Fat Bar Height" to get different rendering result. The "Amplitude" option controls the random amplitude of the position of lines and bars.

4. Save the Background Image

Click the "Save to JPG" or the "Save to PNG" button to save the generated bars background image.

By clicking on the "Add Text" at the left sidebar to add text onto the image after the image is generated.

Compatibility of BgGenerator

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Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Devices: PC, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Pad and more Smart Devices